How fast are my orders processed?



  • Bin & Hold: 5 business days
  • Immediate ship: Insert rules created.


  • Returns: 5 business days with proper paperwork.

How do I know if a book is in stock?

You can upload a want-list, and all available books will show in quantity and condition. Just select the items needed. Or, there is an ISBN search bar at the top of the application page if you just need a few items.

How do Buyer Missed and Active Opportunities work ?


How do I request an RMA (return)?

Find the order on your order page. Click the ‘Return’ button. A pop-up window will be displayed asking for the reason for the RMA request. This action will send a notice to the seller, so that they may respond to the RMA request.

What to do when RMA is accepted?

Once approved, we will send a shipping label.